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Whether in Antarctica or the Arctic, expedition voyages take you to remote, unspoilt places with amazing scenery and wildlife. Island Holidays offers both land-based holidays and expedition cruises to enjoy the wildlife and history of the places we visit. View our Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises
We're talking about some of the most remote places – St Helena, the Falkland Islands, Bouvet Island and Tristan da Cunha to name but a few. Island Holidays offers not only fully guided holiday voyages to St Helena (via Cape Town) but also independent travel. View our South Atlantic Islands cruise holidays
Over many years Island Holidays has been offering fantastic specialist holiday destinations, some of which have stood out as being really very special. Some are close to home, some far-flung. Keep an eye on our news section to see what's coming up. View our favourite special-interest guided holidays
Libby on tour with Tristan da Cunha in the background
Libby Weir-Breen
(background: Tristan da Cunha)

Island Holidays:
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Welcome to Island Holidays, a personally run, specialist tour operator which I've been operating since establishing it in 1987. We offer relaxed special-interest holidays for small guided groups and also, using our superb network of contacts worldwide, offer independent birding, wildlife and natural history holidays.

For many years we have offered a high number of tours. Now we have decided to specialise in certain areas - notably the South Atlantic Islands with southern Africa and the Polar Regions - the Arctic and Antarctica. But there are so many wonderful places which we still want to offer now and again and these are found in our 'Featured Favourites' section. More about Island Holidays…


Antarctic Expedition Cruises

King Penguins

It's never too early to start planning for what is undoubtedly the trip of a lifetime. Antarctica is a place of incredible icescapes and rich wildlife. If you're a penguin enthusiast this is the place to go! The regular programme takes in the Falklands, South Georgia, Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula. We also offer a fantastic Antarctic Odyssey which starts in at the southern tip of South America and ends in New Zealand taking in such iconic places as the Antarctic Peninsula, the Ross Sea and the World Heritage Site of Macquarie Island.

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25 Years On…

January 2013 saw the 25th anniversary of the date when five intrepid travellers set out for the Falkland Islands in the company of Bobby Tulloch. It was Island Holidays' first ever tour, the business having been set up in August 1987. And what a success it was. Everyone was amazed by what they found, most especially by the fact that birds and animals seemed to have no fear of man and the more curious would come to inspect us.

Port StanleyMuch has changed in the islands from those early days but the warm hospitality and the attitude of the wildlife to people remains unspoilt, as does the landscape and atmosphere.

The islands are much in the news lately - the people are more British than the British and proud of it. That's the message they're trying to get across to certain South American countries who think it should be otherwise.

Read more about travelling to the Falkland Islands…

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable TourismIsland Holidays holds strong conservation ethics and believes that tourism should benefit not only the traveller but also the communities which we visit.


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Birding, Whales and Heritage

Blue MagpieThe beautiful island of Sri Lanka has long been known for its rich heritage, its colonial history and its amazing birds and wildlife. What is less well known is that, at certain times of year, its offshore waters are host to the biggest creature in the world – the Blue Whale. Our 15-night tour is timed to coincide with their migration and we spend two mornings at sea looking for these incredible animals as well as a wide variety of species of other whales and dolphins. It's a wonderfully relaxing end to our birding and wildlife holiday in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Bird-watching, Whales & Heritage • January 2015 - 15 nights


The Island of Secrets

Ascension Island

There's a tiny dot in the Atlantic Ocean, just 7 degrees south of the Equator which represents an island of far more significance than its size implies. Over the centuries Ascension Island has been strategically important and, during the Cold War years, it became a hub of secrecy and intrigue. Probably it still is, it's just that we don't know about it! But that's not the reason we go there. Long BeachAscension is a fabulous island with fascinating history and natural history. Nesting Green Turtles, wonderful seabirds and extraordinary scenery combine to offer the visitor a unique experience.

Independent travel to Ascension with local guiding
Fully guided tour of Ascension and the Falklands


The Ultimate Old-fashioned South Atlantic Sea Voyage

The RMS St HelenaThe endemic Wirebird

The remote South Atlantic island of St Helena, is one of the few destinations which cannot be accessed by air. Although an airport is to be completed in the next few years, currently the only access is by sea. And what better way to travel than on the Royal Mail Ship St Helena? This is the Longwood Houseultimate old-fashioned sea voyage to a destination which embraces the future while retaining its old-world charm. Famed as Napoleon's island of exile, St Helena has much more to offer the visitor both in terms of natural history, landscapes and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Guided Tours for 2015

Island Holidays currently offers an escorted and guided tour (maximum of 12 clients) on RMS voyages 220 & 222 and also RMS 232 (Napoleon bi-centenary)

Independent Travel

We are also happy to book your independent travel to St Helena on any voyage, including accommodation and flights to Ascension Island or Cape Town where you can board the RMS St Helena. Let us know your preferred dates and we'll discuss options with you.

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