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Arctic and Antarctica Holidays and Cruises

The Polar Regions

The polar ice-caps may be melting, but there is still plenty of opportunity to experience the Arctic wilderness before it does! Join one of our expedition cruises to enjoy the delight of watching a Polar Bear with her cubs or the purity of the Ivory Gull, the miracle of the vibrant tundra or the remotest of North Atlantic islands.

Zodiac cruise in Antarctica

Polar expedition cruises and tours

King Penguins in Antarctica


Antarctica must be one of the ultimate destinations for the discerning traveller and wildlife enthusiast. Here dramatic scenery is the backdrop to huge penguin colonies while the ship is constantly escorted by a myriad of fabulous sea birds including many species of albatross and petrel. Leopard and Elephant seals are among the mammals we'll see while several species of whale cruise the waters which provide the larder for all this life.

View of Umanak


As autumn sets in in the far north, Oceanwide Expedition's ships re-cross the North Atlantic and head to Greenland where big, pointy mountains, beautiful fjords, glaciers and icebergs all add up to the finest scenery for which you could wish. There's a chance to find out a little about the local population and their life style, to take zodiac cruises amongst the icebergs and, for the more active, to take long hikes in the spectacular surroundings.

Approaching Tristan da Cunha

South Atlantic Odyssey

Every year the ships operated by Oceanwide Expeditions reposition from Antarctica to the Arctic giving the opportunity for the inveterate traveller to spend several weeks on board enjoying the fantastic variety of experiences from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension Island. At that stage it's possible to leave the ship or you can stay on board to visit Cape Verde. The final leg is a must for pelagic birders - Ascension to Cape Verde.

View of Peter I Øy

Antarctic Odyssey

An extraordinary voyage of discovery which includes (ice permitting) Campbell Island, the seldom visited Peter 1st Island, the Ross Sea and Antarctic Peninsula. The voyages cross from South America to New Zealand following the outer fringers of the pack-ice. As well as at least six species of penguins, thousands of sea birds, whales and seals, we'll also be learning more about the explorers who made this area so famous.

Minke whale

North Atlantic Odyssey

As the Ortelius continues her journey north from Antarctica she calls at Aberdeen to pick up passengers for the second half of her Atlantic Odyssey. The route will take us through the waters of the North Sea and we'll call at Fair Isle and Jan Mayen before reaching our final destination of Spitsbergen.

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Female Polar bear with cubs

Spitsbergen (Svalbard)

Our regular expedition voyages to and round Spitsbergen give the opportunity to visit some of the most remote corners of this remote archipelago with its amazing scenery and natural history. Polar Bears compete with Walrus for attention, Ivory Gulls with Little Auk while the Arctic flowers flourish in profusion. Daily landings with expert leaders make for a wonderful holiday. But if you don't like ships, try our new land-based Spitsbergen holiday.