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Expedition cruises to the immense white continent

Antarctica is a land like no other. Regarded by scientists and travellers as one of the last pristine regions in the world, it is a place of incredible icescapes and rich wildlife. Far from being harsh and inhospitable, this awe-inspiring continent and the islands around it teem with life. If you're a penguin enthusiast this is the place to go, but there's much more besides.


The description of Antarctica as an icy wilderness and our planet's last frontier makes it sound a bit daunting. The reality may be just that, but in a wonderful way. Unbelievable scenery and atmosphere combine with stunning close-up encounters with the area's wildlife to produce the kind of experience which can only be described as a total privilege.

The Antarctic Peninsula is the most accessible area of the continent, lying as it does just 600 miles from the tip of South America. Scenically it is the equal of anything to be found elsewhere in Antarctica and its wildlife is stunning. There are vast colonies of penguins, whilst hundreds of seals are to be found on the iceflows or in their breeding colonies. The waters are home to some of the great whales and seabirds such as the magnificent albatross abound.

An Orca in the Ross Sea
Go beyond the Antarctic Peninsula
on our 'Antarctic Odyssey'

One of the tours which we have to offer includes a visit to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. The very name of South Georgia smacks of romance with its strong association with the explorer, Shackleton. It is also home to vast penguin colonies and dramatic scenery – a destination to be dreamed of, or perhaps even visited!

To convey the marvels of this region of the world in words is impossible. It is an experience from which each person lucky enough to enjoy it will come away with strong emotional reactions and lasting memories.

Our holidays are on board the ice-strengthened vessels Plancius and Ortelius. Daily shore excursions are accompanied by expert guides who not only have superb local knowledge but also want to share their love of the Antarctic with their guests. The operators have strong environmental policies which coincide with those upheld by Island Holidays.

King Penguins – © Rinie van MeursHumpback WhaleWandering Albatross in South GeorgiaWeddell Seal – © Franco Banfi
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Falkland Islands – Weddell Sea – Antarctic Peninsula - In Search of the Emperor Penguin & King Penguin
PLA 2129 Oct – 11 Nov 2014Puerto Madryn – Ushuaia13 nights
£5,545Falkland Islands – Weddell Sea – Antarctic Peninsula Route Map
Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula
OTL 2106 – 25 Nov 2014Puerto Madryn – Ushuaia19 nights
£8,090Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula Route Map
Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula
PLA 2401 – 19 Dec 2014Ushuaia – Ushuaia18 nights
PLA 2716 Jan 2015 – 03 Feb 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia18 nights
PLA 2913 Feb 2015 – 03 Mar 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia18 nights
£8,275 Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula Route Map
Antarctic Peninsula (Basecamp Plancius)
PLA 2211 – 21 Nov 2014Ushuaia – Ushuaia10 nights
PLA 3003 – 14 Mar 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia11 nights
£4,730Antarctic Peninsula (Basecamp Plancius) Route Map
Antarctic Peninsula
PLA 26B07 – 16 January 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia09 nights
PLA 2803 – 13 Feb 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia10 nights
£4,775Antarctic Peninsula Route Map
Antarctic Peninsula – Whalewatching
PLA 3114 – 23 Mar 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia09 nights
£3,770Antarctic Peninsula – Whalewatching Route Map
Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands
PLA 2519 – 29 Dec 2014Ushuaia – Ushuaia10 nights
£5,410Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands Route Map
Polar Circle – Antarctic Peninsula
OTL 2713 – 24 Mar 2015Ushuaia – Ushuaia11 nights
£5,320Polar Circle – Antarctic Peninsula Route Map
Weddell Sea – Emperor Penguin Voyage (Incl. helicopters)
OTL 2225 Nov – 05 Dec 2014Ushuaia – Ushuaia10 nights
OTL 2305 – 15 Dec 2014Ushuaia – Ushuaia10 nights
£7,730Weddell Sea – Emperor Penguin Voyage Route Map
Antarctica 2014/15
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