South Atlantic Islands Hoildays and Expedition Cruises

South Atlantic Islands

"Dip in" to South Atlantic islands en route for Antarctica or enjoy them in more depth on our land-based holidays. Experiences include travelling with the Royal Air Force or on the last Royal Mail Ship in service, or expedition cruising in remote areas including Tristan da Cunha and Cape Verde.

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Ascension Island

The completely unspoilt and still mysterious island just south of the Equator which is Ascension has a hidden depth which it takes time to discover. There are white, sandy beaches to be enjoyed (by nesting turtles as well as humans) and dramatic volcanic scenery, seabird colonies and warm, friendly people. As well as our dedicated Ascension Island holiday we are now offering a new holiday combining Ascension with the Falkland Islands. Read more about our Ascension Island holidays

The Falkland Islands

An absolute must for the wildlife enthusiast, the Falkland Islands are home to five species of penguin, sea lions, elephant seals and a host of sea and land birds. Away from the capital, the islands remain as they have always been - unspoilt, remote and with extraordinarily approachable wildlife which makes it a photographer's paradise - even for amateurs. The experience of travelling between settlements by 8-seater Islander aircraft adds to the fun. Read more about our Falkland Islands tours

photo: Hanneke Dallmeijer-Veda

The Remotest Islands

Very occasionally it's possible to get to the world's remotest inhabited island - Tristan da Cunha. Now there is a new version of the very popular Atlantic Odyssey which also includes the world's remotest island - Bouvet - as well as Tristan and various Antarctic islands before heading north, visiting St Helena and Ascension Island and finishing at Cape Verde. It's one of the most exciting expedition voyages in the world. More about our Remotest Islands cruise

St Helena

An airport has been announced but meanwhile the only regular means of accessing St Helena is on the Royal Mail Ship. This old-fashioned sea voyage is very much part of the holiday and then we spend about a week exploring this beautiful and surprising island. Napoleon (who spent his last 5 years in exile here), the endemic Wirebird and botanical wonders all feature, as does time with the resident school of dolphins - assuming we're lucky. Read more about our St Helena holiday voyages

South Atlantic Odyssey

Every year the ships operated by Oceanwide Expeditions reposition from Antarctica to the Arctic giving the opportunity for the inveterate traveller to spend several weeks on board enjoying the fantastic variety of experiences from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension Island. At that stage it's possible to leave the ship or you can stay on board to visit Cape Verde. The final leg is a must for pelagic birders - Ascension to Cape Verde. Read more about Atlantic Odyssey cruise

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