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What a place! We started offering holidays to the Falkland Islands in 1987 - the first tour went in 1988 - and it's been popular with our clients ever since. The stars of the show are the five species of penguin, each with their own appealing characteristics. The wonderful Black-browed Albatross breeds on some of the islands and there is no better experience than to sit close to a colony watching as pairs show their very real affection for each other.

Bird life isn't just limited to the seabirds. The rare Striated Caracara (known as Johnny Rook) and its more common relative the Crested Caracara are among the birds of prey, along with such specialities as Red-backed Hawk while the Long-tailed Meadowlark (or Military Starling) adds colour and character.

Meanwhile the rocky shores and beaches and the neighbouring thickets of tussock grass are home to Sea Lions and Elephant Seals, while Killer Whales patrol offshore. Flowers and plants add to the interest with many of the islands being thick with the Falklands' equivalent of heather, diddle-dee, the berries of which make superb jam.

We are offering two different holidays. Our tour in January, which concentrates on the islands and their wildlife, will be in the company of Ali Liddle who lived and worked on the Falklands for many years as a teacher and a volunteer with Falklands Conservation. Her insight enriches the experience our clients enjoy. For our February tour Island Holidays has joined forces with wildlife photographer Craig Jones. This is a new tour designed specially for photographers, both amateur and professional. Few places compare with the Falkland Islands when it comes to photographic opportunities!

Links to external websites relevant to this destination: - Falkland Islands Conservation. - Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

King Penguins at Volunteer PointTraditional houses in Port StanleySunset at Fox BayElephant Seal
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