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The Falkland Islands

Where nature is still in charge

Scenic view of the Falkland Islands

One of 14 British Overseas Territories, the Falkland Islands sprang to fame in 1982 when their sovereignty was threatened by an Argentine invasion. Since the British forces so gallantly defended the islands things have settled down and the islands thrive. They have also opened their doors to visitors and several islands now offer excellent accommodation with transport between them being on 8-seater Islander Aircraft.

Our guided tours take in several locations and we are also able to tailor-make individual tours according to interests and time available.

This is very much a wildlife destination, although there is plenty of interest for those wanting to investigate the military history, not least the 1982 conflict (or war as it is known in the UK). For everyone who visits probably the most iconic highlights are the five species of breeding penguins and there is nothing more delightful than to sit around the edge of a colony watching the behaviour of these sometimes comic and always entertaining birds as they go about their business.

Three King penguins standing side-by-side at Volunteer Point

It's not only penguins. During your stay you will see a wealth of sea, land and water birds as well as colonies of Sea Lions and also Elephant Seals. Black-browed Albatross breed on a few of the islands. In the spring there is plenty of botanical interest – as, indeed, there is all year round although perhaps not so immediately obvious to the amateur later in the season.

The scenery is wonderful with plenty of seascapes and there's a quality of light which enhances everything you see – and is perfect for photographers. On top of all that there's the natural hospitality of the islanders with comfortable accommodation and plenty of good food. It's the kind of place that, once you've been, you'll always want to go back!

Traditional Victorian houses in Port Stanley