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Established 1987

Independent Travel to the Falklands

Map of the Falkland Islands

The hospitality of the Falkland Islanders is wonderful, as is their knowledge and understanding of their islands and their wildlife. We have found that travellers, whether on their own or with partners or friends, are so well looked after that they have the best possible time using our colleagues in Stanley to arrange all the transfers and logistics and then local guides who can give a real insight into their particular area. The lodges are sociable and on excursions you'll probably find yourself in the company of a small number of like-minded people.

By offering independent holidays to the islands we know so well we can plan the itinerary to suit your own particular interests and time limitations.

If you are planning to travel to the Falkland Islands talk to the experts at Island Holidays. We can also advise on stop overs in Chile if you decided on the South American route. The possibilities are endless.

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