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South Atlantic Odyssey

Antarctic Peninsula and South Atlantic Islands

Antarctic Peninsula (Ushuaia • Beagle Channel • Drake Passage • Hope Bay/Brown Bluff • Devil Island • Weddell Sea • Paulet Island) • South Orkneys • South Georgia • Gough Island • Tristan da Cunha • St Helena • Ascension Island and possibility to extend your cruise to Cape Verde.

There is a romance about the remote islands of Antarctica and the South Atlantic which captures the imagination and inspires the true traveller. This magnificent voyage is probably one of the most exciting available anywhere in the world, calling as it does at tiny remote island communities as well as visiting outstanding wildlife sites.

The adventure starts at the southern-most tip of South America where we join m/v Plancius, an ice-strengthened expedition ship, with her maximum of 112 passengers. This is one of the ships which we use for our Antarctica and Spitsbergen/North Atlantic holidays. We start by sailing across the Beagle Channel, enjoying watching a multitude of albatrosses, petrels and Fulmars. We'll set foot on the Antarctic continent, looking for Weddell Seals, Leopard Seals and Gentoo Penguins whilst in the waters close by we'll be hoping to see Killer Whales.

Heading north, we stop at the amazing island of South Georgia with its fascinating history associated with Shackleton and its superb wildlife including colonies of Chinstrap and Macaroni Penguins and Wandering Albatross. From here the next "port of call" is Gough island where we hope to be some of the very few people to have approached close to the island with its superb wildlife as we hope to circumnavigate it in zodiacs.

Tristan da Cunha, the most remote British dependency, has a romance all of its own and we'll hope to have an opportunity to meet some of the people who live there as well as visit Nightingale Island with its millions of seabirds. Our next island, St Helena, is also a British dependency and you can read more about this and neighbouring Ascension Island on other pages of this website. From Ascension Island the ship continues to Cape Verde.

Some people have time to indulge in the entire voyage but, should yours be a bit more limited, you can leave the ship at Ascension Island or Cape Verde. Alternatively, if you want to spend time on St Helena and also experience the last working Royal Mail Ship, you can disembark there.

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South Atlantic Odyssey Route Map - Click to zoom in

Outline Itinerary

  • 17 March Depart Ushuaia (Embark - PLA32A)
  • 18 – 25 March Antarctic Peninsula
  • 26 March Depart Ushuaia (Embark – PLA32B)
  • 27 / 28 March Drake Passage
  • 29 March Deception Island
  • 30 March Hope Bay/Brown Bluff
  • 31 March Paulet Island
  • 01 April At sea
  • 02 April South Orkney
  • 03 April At sea
  • 04-06 April South Georgia
  • 07-09 April At sea
  • 10 April Gough Island
  • 11-12 April Tristan da Cunha
  • 13-16 April At sea
  • 17-19 April St Helena
  • 20-21 April At sea
  • 22 April Ascension Island (Possibility to depart - PLA33)
  • 22-27 April At sea
  • 28 April Praia, Cape Verde Islands (Disembark)
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