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Passage by Royal Mail Ship, flights and accommodation

The current situation regarding travel to St Helena is in a state of flux. The Royal Mail Ship continues to operate but is heavily booked between now (end of August 2017) and her proposed de-commissioning in February 2018. Occasionally cabins become available but these are generally allocated for essential travel. The airport continues to be a work in progress. We now know that SA AirLink will operate weekly flights from Johannesburg but we have not been given a fare structure nor a commencement date (rumours speak of October 2018 but there is no confirmation of this.

Island Holidays has taken out option on a few hotels rooms but there is no way we can obtain seats on flights at this stage. When the announcement DOES come we will first be contacting those people who have asked us to let them know before sending out general information so if you would like us to add you to that list please get in touch.

Be assured that Island Holidays will be in the forefront of operators taking people to St Helena and also remember that we are the only company with the very personal experience of the island over the past 12 years which enables us to ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Updated 27/08/17