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Passage by Royal Mail Ship, flights and accommodation

Getting to St Helena can be a bit complicated which is why it's a good idea to get help from people who are familiar with all the ins and outs. We don't believe there any tour operator in the world who has more experience on this front than Island Holidays. Certainly we are the only one to offer guided tours on a regular basis, but we also know the island, the ship, the ports of call and - most of all - the people in the community. This means that we are ideally placed to give travel advice and make reservations for the independent traveller as well as our own groups.

If it were just a question of booking the ship life would be easy - and, if that's all you need, we can do that for you. But there are flights to and from Ascension Island or Cape Town to join the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) and it's always wise to have accommodation booked at either end of the voyage in case of delays. On St Helena there's a choice of different types of accommodation and we can help you choose what suits you best.

There's one other thing and that is my own personal love of the island and of the other places involved in travel to St Helena: the ship herself, Ascension Island and southern Africa. So when you talk to me or Karon you are going to get an understanding of what makes the islands tick and how you can make the most of your visit.

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The Royal Mail Ship Schedule

Between arrival and departure to and from St Helena the Royal Mail Ship runs a shuttle service to Ascension Island and back (on voyages marked ASI). If you are interested in this please contact us for more information.

Note: On voyages with ISLAND HOLIDAYS GUIDED TOUR link and highlighted dates Island Holidays offers a fully escorted and inclusive trip which includes time in South Africa (Cape Town). Click on the link for the tour details. However, independent travel is still an option should you prefer.

Voyage 217 (ASI)
Depart Cape Town13 November 2014
Arrive St Helena18 November 2014
Depart St Helena20 November 2014
Arrive Ascension22 November 2014
Depart Ascension22 November 2014
Arrive St Helena25November 2014
Depart St Helena26 November 2014
Arrive Cape Town01 December 2014
Depart Cape Town03 December 2014
Arrive St Helena18 December 2014
Depart St Helena10 December 2014
Arrive Ascension12 December 2014
Depart Ascension12 December 2014
Arrive St Helena15 December 2014
Depart St Helena16 December 2014
Arrive Ascension18 December 2014
Depart Ascension18 December 2014
Arrive St Helena21 December 2014
Depart St Helena22 December 2014
Arrive Cape Town27 December 2014
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