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Over many years Island Holidays has been offering fantastic destinations, some of which have stood out as being really very special. Some are close to home, some far-flung. Keep an eye on our news section to see what's coming up.

Scenic view in the Azores

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View of Cete Cidades in the Azores

The Azores

The mid Atlantic islands which make up the Azores are very special. Unspoilt by tourism there is a wonderful peace to the place as well as much to see and do. Our holiday explores their fascinating geology, seeks out the endangered Azorean Bullfinch, spends time at sea looking for the whales and dolphins which haunt the protected waters and learn what makes Azorean wine so unique.

Red-footed Falcon on Crete


The Eastern Mediterranean island of Crete in the spring is a Mecca for birders and botanists alike and has the added interest of a rich heritage reaching back to the ancient Minoans. Our 10 day, 3-centre tour is based in the west of the island and concentrates on birds at the height of migration with one day spent with a botanist looking at the wonderful orchids and other flowers.

Galapagos land iguana

Galapagos and Ecuador

No matter what you have seen or read about the Galapagos Islands, the reality simply blows you away. We've set up a new partnership with Silversea Expeditions using their beautiful ship, Silver Galapagos, to combine the natural wonders with a touch of luxury on board. When we return to Quito, instead of heading home, we team up with our birding friends at Neblina Forest to explore the amazing Mindo Cloud Forest for a 4-night extension to the holiday.

The Scilly Isles

The Isles of Scilly

A destination which has resisted the trimmings of modern tourism and retained its delightful simplicity, the Scilly Isles have changed little in 25 years. The roughest of seascapes combine with sheltered spots where sub-tropical plants thrive and the islands are a birdwatcher's paradise. Our week-long holiday is run at a relaxed pace and takes in all aspects of life on the islands.

A Puffin on Fair Isle

Shetland and Fair Isle

The Shetland Islands lie far to the north of Scotland and are often described as the crossroads of the North Atlantic located as they are between the UK, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Our Shetland holiday, which includes three nights on Fair Isle, focuses on the islands' amazing wildlife - its birds, its flowers and its otters - but doesn't ignore the incredibly archaeological heritage to be found.

Black Stork © Mladen Vasilev


For the first in our "Birding for Beginners" series we head to Bulgaria, combining the birds and wines of this beautiful country. There'll be two experts on hand to teach the basics to beginners or share the delights of birding with the more experienced.

By the way – we do know that Bulgaria's not an island(!), but it's too good an opportunity to miss.

Coco Cayo, Cuba


Famed for Fidel Castro, cigars and salsa, Cuba is a vibrant island with a fascinating heritage and the best birding in the western Caribbean. Our holiday visits various different areas and diverse habitats and we'll hope for a sighting of the world's smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird as well as many other endemics. We'll also spend some time exploring Old Havana - a delight not included by most birding companies.

Snowshoeing in Iceland © Christian Engelke


A wonderful opportunity to visit this remote area with its spectacular scenery and wildlife which few visitors have experienced. This expedition voyage, sailing on the majestic Rembrandt van Rijn, will give access to pristine countryside seldom visited by tourists – not even Icelanders. Enjoy a great scenic cruise, exploring the lower areas on snowshoes and see, with luck, Orcas and the Aurora Borealis.

The Standing Stones of Stenness, Orkney

The Orkney Islands

It's quite extraordinary that a group of islands so close to the Scottish mainland could be so totally different in character and atmosphere. Orkney is in fact a different world. Here there is something to suit anyone who is interested in natural and cultural history. From the bird cliffs of Marwick Head to the Neolithic site of Skara Brae, the islands are rich in wildlife and archaeology.

Little Green Bee-eater

Sri Lanka

Our very special birding holiday in Sri Lanka also incorporates two days for relaxation with morning whale watching as well as a few of the island's cultural delights. Superb scenery and warm, friendly people enhance the experience of this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Over 400 species of birds, 26 of which are endemic to Sri Lanka, vie for attention with some of the great whales and land-based mammals such as elephants and leopards.