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The land of ice and fire

We call it "The Land of Ice and Fire" and that's pretty accurate. Even in the summer the ice of the glaciers on remote peaks shines in the light while the angry boiling elements below the surface fight to get out. This extraordinary island grows all the time - a fault line down the middle forces the two sides (east and west) apart. I'm no geologist but that's the way it was explained to me…

We now offer two very different Icelandic experiences - one in June when the brief vibrancy of the northern summer allows wonderful birds and an amazing profusion of arctic flora to thrive, and the other in the depth of winter when the wildlife struggles to find food and the extraordinary aurora borealis (known to you and me as the Northern Lights) can be seen to dance their way across the sky on clear nights.

Iceland's scenery is spectacular, as it its natural history. There's something for everyone with those who are interested both in birds and flowers not knowing whether to look up or down! On the coast it's the huge seabird colonies which grab the attention whilst Lake Mývatn is renowned for its ducks. Waders abound and there's always a chance that we will see the majestic Gyr Falcoln or a White-tailed Eagle. Botanically, the Arctic River Beauty lives up to its name and there are a host of including orchids and a wide variety of saxafridges. As well as the mainland, we'll be visiting three different islands including Heimay in the Westman Islands, home to the world's largest breeding colony of Puffins and we'll be hoping to see some whales or dolphins from the ferries as we cross the nutrient-rich waters which surround Iceland.

In winter it's a very different but equally beautiful place and it's at this time of year that the contrast between the ice and the fire is most easily seen as thermal activity takes place in the midst of the frozen landscape. Our short break is a must for those of you who have visited Iceland in the summer months - you'll love it. And if the weather and conditions are kind you may well be treated to a spectacular display of the Northern Lights.

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