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The Polar Regions

Whether in Antarctica or the Arctic, expedition voyages take you to remote, unspoilt places with amazing scenery, wildlife and history. Island Holidays offers both land-based holidays and expedition cruises. View our Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises

Zodiac cruising Wandering Albatross Antarctic birdwatching Tasiilaq, East Greenland Little Auks S/v Rembrandt van Rijn Walrus spotting by zodiac

South Atlantic Islands

We're talking about some of the most remote places on Earth – St Helena (to which we offer both fully guided tours and independent travel), the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha to name but a few. View our South Atlantic Islands cruise holidays

Rockhopper penguin, Tristan da Cunha Green turtle, Ascension Island King penguins on the Falklands Approaching Tristan da Cunha Departing from Cape Town on board RMS St Helena Pan-tropical Spotted dolphin Jacob's Ladder, St Helena

Featured Favourites

Over many years Island Holidays has been offering fantastic birding, wildlife and history themed holidays, some of which have stood out as being really very special. Some are close to home, some far-flung, all of them favourite! View our favourite guided holiday destinations

The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Faroese sheep Island hopping in the Scilly Isles Lion Rock, Sri Lanka Northern Lights, Iceland Puffin on Fair Isle

Falklands in the news

2nd April is an important day for so many people who remember loved ones they lost in the Falklands Confllict which started 30 years ago - both here in the UK and in Argentina.

Having visited the cemetery in San Carlos and met so many people who were involved, it has great significance for me here at Island Holidays as we celebrate 25 years of taking people to the wonderful islands. Much has changed during that time but much more has not. It really has to be one of the top destinations for the sheer proximity of the wildlife you are watching. Over the years the birds and animals have had no reason to fear man and therefore basically ignore us - except for penguins which are far too curious to do so and come over to check us out. The only really shy birds are the Upland Geese - and with good reason. Islanders used to get a penny a beak because they wrecked the sheep grazing! Check out our Falkland Islands page to see what's available.

by Libby 02/04/2012

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