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The Polar Regions

Whether in Antarctica or the Arctic, expedition voyages take you to remote, unspoilt places with amazing scenery, wildlife and history. Island Holidays offers both land-based holidays and expedition cruises. View our Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises


South Atlantic Islands

We're talking about some of the most remote places on Earth – St Helena (to which we offer both fully guided tours and independent travel), the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha to name but a few. View our South Atlantic Islands cruise holidays

Featured Favourites

Over many years Island Holidays has been offering fantastic birding, wildlife and history themed holidays, some of which have stood out as being really very special. Some are close to home, some far-flung, all of them favourite! View our favourite guided holiday destinations


Crete Rediscovered

Island Holidays re-introduces Crete to its 'Featured Favourite' destinations

Mountains on Crete

It was in 1990 that I first went to Crete. Bobby Tulloch and I had gone into partnership with John and Chris Henshall who had moved permanently to Crete and wanted to offer the same type of holidays as Island Holidays. They called their business Wine Dark Sea which was how Homer had described Crete I think in the Iliad - might have been The Odyssey, I'm not sure. John was nothing short of a genius. In no time at all he'd mastered all the birds while Chrissy was an excellent botanist, a winning combination which had people not knowing whether to look up or down! He became an expert on the Minoan civilisation and would often read to us from Edward Lear's travels in Crete while we were travelling on the bus. He was an extraordinary man who sadly, like so many geniuses, died young at the age of 47. He was irreplaceable and we dropped Crete, plus all the Eastern Mediterranean Islands to which he organised the tours.

It's taken until now (except for one tour in 2007) to get my act together, take a deep breath and go back. Andy Mitchell of Cuba fame who has also led to several other destinations for Island Holidays for nearly 25 years came with me and will be leading our 2015 holiday next April.

by Libby 10/07/2014

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