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Whether in Antarctica or the Arctic, expedition voyages take you to remote, unspoilt places with amazing scenery, wildlife and history. Island Holidays offers both land-based holidays and expedition cruises. View our Arctic and Antarctic expedition cruises


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We're talking about some of the most remote places on Earth – St Helena (to which we offer both fully guided tours and independent travel), the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha to name but a few. View our South Atlantic Islands cruise holidays

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Over many years Island Holidays has been offering fantastic birding, wildlife and history themed holidays, some of which have stood out as being really very special. Some are close to home, some far-flung, all of them favourite! View our favourite guided holiday destinations


New Falklands Tours and Cruises

Highlighting our Falkland Islands programme for 2018/19.

Black-browed AlbatrossIt’s coming up to 30 years since the first Island Holidays clients set out on their adventure. In those days the Falkland Islands were remote and, on the whole, known only in the UK in the context of the 1982 war or “conflict” as the islanders preferred to call it). Since then, travel to unusual and remote places has become more of a norm but – amazingly – the Falkland Islands have remained unspoilt. Economically they are stronger than they were with fishing being the principal source of income and murmurs about oil beginning to become more of a reality. There is international dialling on telephones and even mobile phone and internet access in some areas.

None of these improvements in the standard of living for Falkland Islanders has impacted on the islands themselves which remain wild and remote with one of the world’s most amazing wildlife experiences available to everyone, not just hardy trekkers. It’s almost a role reversal with nearly all the birds on the islands – particularly the penguins – being interested in these strange two-legged mammals with strange growths on their persons (which we call cameras and video equipment). Penguins are hugely fascinated by visitors while the confiding little Tussock Bird finds lots of goodies to eat in a larder provided by the boots which humans wear (specifically designed to pick up small insects and the like) to feed them. The critically endangered Striated Caracara (known locally as Johnny Rook) behaves like an over-confident magpies as they hang around to nick lens caps or anything shiny. Forget not the elephants seals and sea lions, the wonderful sea and landscapes and the clear unpolluted air and you have a recipe for an amazing holiday. And we haven’t begun to mention some of the island’s attractions!

For 2018 we have our 13-night wildlife holiday and, for the first time, Oceanwide Expeditions (our partners in Antarctica and Spitsbergen) are offering a special expedition voyage around the islands reaching places not normally accessible to land-based tours.

For the 2018/19 season we’ll be introducing a new two-centre tour with the Falkland Islands being combined with a visit to the memorable Torres del Peine National Park in Chilean Pategonia and, on top of this, we’re happy to arrange holidays for the independent traveller as well.

(Photo courtesy of the Falkland Islands Tourist Board)

by Libby 31/07/2017

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